Lions Den is an exclusive barbershop located in
Cliffside Park & Hoboken, New Jersey.

Mens Haircut


This is our signature service, completed with our top of the line clippers and shears. You also have the choice of an all over classic shear cut. (no beard) completed with a hot towel on neck with lather and neck shave

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Haircut and Beard Line Up


This service includes a clipper or scissor haircut of your choice including beard work completed with our signature shave gel. (Hot towel and massage is not included)

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Haircut,Beard, Line Up, Hot Towel & Face Massage


This service includes Lions Den Haircut of your choice with a beard line up using our hot lather, our signature shave gel, hot towel and finished with a luxurious menthol massage.

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Haircut, Full Beard Shave with face massage


Consists of haircut of your choice and a full beard shave using our hot lather, hot towel, light facial massage, and a luxurious menthol cleanser finish.

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Lions Den Experience


This service consists of a Haircut of choice with the beard shave or line up. It includes hot towel,face massage,exfoliting cream. also a steamer and a wash. With neck massage and styling.

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Kids Cuts


This haircut is for our cubs 12 yrs or younger. This service is done with our top of the line clippers and razors and completed with shear work by one of our master barbers.

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Hot towel shave


hot towel shave with straight razor and hot lather with a face massage to cool down the face.

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Head Shave with Hot Towel


This service is a application of hot lather and hot towel with a razor shave. This service do not include beard

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Head shave and beard shave


Pre shave oil is first applied followed by a rich hot lather and a hot towel then after the 3rd hot towel capped off with a after shave balm and a cold towel

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shape up


Consist of a razor and trimmer line up with hot lather. This service does not include the beard.

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Beard line up


A razor lineup, specifically for the beard, is a technique used to create clean and sharp lines along the edges of the beard. It helps to define the shape of the beard and give it a well-groomed appearance.

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Shape up and Beard line up


A shape up, also known as an edge up or lineup, involves the barber or stylist creating clean and defined lines along the hairline, sideburns, and the edges of the beard. It helps to give the haircut a crisp and well-defined look.

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Eyebrows Shape With Razor$10.00

cleaning of eyebrows with a razorblade

Hot towel$5.00

Treat yourself to a den favorite. Starts off with a pre shave oil infused with organic oils , hot lather to raise the beard stubble folled by 2 hot towels and finished off with a cold towel to close the pores

Beard Enhancement$10.00

Weak beard no problem with a little color treatment we can strength the appearance of the beard for that photo shoot look

Lions Den Designs$20.00

Want a logo or freestyle design you have seen simple present the picture or allow one of our master barbers to creat an attention grabbing look

Lions Den Other Services


Hair braided to desired look depending on length or extensions addition


Exfoliate and Cleanse the skin; facial massage is included with moisturizer *please inform us of any skin concerns

eye brows shape up with wax$10.00

eye brows shape up with wax or threading

Nose and Ear Wax$10.00

Get this pesky nose or ear hairs that are unwelcome waxed off

Woman Service

Woman haircuts$50.00

This service consists of cutting the ends or a specific style

Women's Haircut & Blow-Dry$120.00

A customized haircut designed by your stylist to fit your individual style and preferences, includes professional blow dry and style.

Thermal Straightener$30.00

A chemical process used for straightening curly hair that is difficult to manage. Thermal straightening works best for clients that have not previously used chemical solutions on their hair. This technique last for approximately six months to one year.

Women's Blow-Dry$40.00

Professional styling and finishing service using a blow dryer and professional styling brush.